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Is Your Smart TV Too Smart? A Guide To Parts Removal And Security

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Recent news reports have suggested that the government has the ability to spy on you through your TV. Certain companies openly admitted that their "smart TVs" have both the software and the embedded cameras to do this, but they have also firewalls built in to protect you. Still, you may want to get tech-savvy enough to remove the following parts from your TV, have someone else remove those parts, or just buy a regular flat screen that cannot connect to the internet. Here are the Samsung TV parts to remove, if you do the job yourself, and what you can do with those spare parts after you remove them.

The Embedded Camera

Read up on where to find this part once you have the back panel of your TV removed. It may not be so obvious from the front of the TV while you are looking at a working unit, so you will have to take it apart. Usually, it is a small, round piece, similar to that of a camera lens in a digital camera or in a phone. You can either remove this piece entirely or cut the wires so that it does not function. The camera is not a necessary part for you to enjoy TV, so you can remove that and resell it.

The Computer Chip That Allows WiFi Connections

Inside your TV there is also a chip that allows WiFi connections. You may need some help to locate this. If you disconnect and/or remove the chip, you can no longer connect to the internet with your TV to watch streaming networks, so make sure you absolutely understand the repercussions of this electronic "surgery" before you do it. You can sell the WiFi chip and other parts that you remove from your TV to parts store or online through electronics auction sites.

A Word on Cable TV Connections

Direct cable lines that connect into your TV via any sort of internet cable or portal are also something to avoid if you are particularly concerned about personal vulnerability and your privacy. Since it is possible to tap into a cable wire and stream into your TV directly via the cable, it is possible to view everything you do remotely. If you absolutely have to have cable TV, consider a satellite dish option or a fiber optic connection instead, since these are more difficult to maneuver through and make contact.

If you have any more concerns or need help with other TV parts, contact a TV service company, such as Torres Tv Parts.