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3 Improvements To Protect Your Older Electrical Systems From Power Surges

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Modern homes are full of electrical devices, but older electrical systems can be a hazard. Many older electrical installations are not designed for all the electrical devices and may not have proper grounds or enough service. If you have an older home, you may want to upgrade electrical systems for modern technology to protect against power surges. In addition, grounded outlets are needed to protect you from electrical shock. Here are some improvements that will protect your modern home from electrical surges:

1. Adding Ground to Outlets That Are Not Grounded

The outlets in your home may not be grounded if you have electrical wiring that is decades old. There are a couple of ways to add grounded outlet to your home, which include adding ground wires to the outlets, rewiring outlets and replacing the circuit box. The best option is to have a professional electrician come and add the outlets to your home that are grounded to a modern breaker box.  Older electrical wiring that is not grounded is also a fire hazard and should be upgraded by an electrician.

2. Ground Fault Outlet Installation for Electronics and Areas with Moisture

Regular grounded outlets are a modern standard for electrical wiring in homes, but there are also outlets that have built-in ground faults. These types of outlets are called GCFI outlets and used in areas like bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor electrical installations. Special GCFI outlets can be installed to protect electronics, as well as in places like bathrooms, kitchens or an outdoor patio. Anywhere there is moisture present, you will want to have these types of grounded outlets installed in your home. They will protect electronic devices and you from the hazards of electricity power surges.

3. Using GCFI Plugs to Protect Electronics and Appliances from Electrical Surges

In addition to the GCFI outlets that are hardwired in the electrical systems in your home, there are also plugs and cords that you can use. These are the cords that have surge protection for electronic devices. These cords are a good secondary protection for high-end appliances and electronics, as well as a solution while you are getting work done to upgrade your electrical systems.

These are some of the improvements for older electrical wiring that will help protect your home from power surges. If you have had a TV or electronics damaged by surges, contact a TV repair in your area for repairs and consider some of these solutions to prevent future damage to valuable electronics.